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The full Leah Darrow wiki with all facts you should know

Have you ever wondered what is hidden in Leah Darrow wiki? There are some surprising facts you may find in Leah Darrow professional and private life. What to do to discover them? Just read our Leah Darrow bio – we share details about Leah Darrow family and career and thanks to this, you just may know her better!

How Leah Darrow can be described? It depends. She is a very interesting person – and both in a professional and private sense. So if you want to get some reliable pieces of information about her, scroll down and familiarize yourself with the whole article!

Leah Darrow bio description better than other online biographies

Leah Darrow bio contains details that are connected with many various aspects of her life. First of all, an overview of the basic details of Leah Darrow biography is described in a table. If it isn’t enough for you, there are also shocking and interesting facts here at the end of the article. Are there any spicy secrets of her?

Real Born NameLeah Darrow
Nick NameLeah Darrow
BirthdayJune 24, 1979
BirthplaceOklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Zodiac SignCancer
SpouseShe has a husband
ChildrenShe has children
Net Worth$ 1 million

Check birthday details and real Leah Darrow age

When was Leah Darrow born? How old is she? Does she share her age with others? Find out everything about Leah Darrow age!

She was born on June 24, 1979 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

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Leah Darrow career details

What should you know about Leah Darrow career?

Leah Darrow is an American international speaker, writer and also a former model. It gained recognition thanks to its appearance in the third edition of America’s Next Top Model.

What do we know about the Leah Darrow family?

Is the Leah Darrow family well-known in the mainstream or not?

It’s almost impossible to describe Leah Darrow family. She doesn’t share any details of them.

Something more about Leah Darrow dating details

Leah Darrow love life is a subject of many articles, gossips, and supposes. Are there available any pieces of information?

There aren’t any details about the Leah Darrow dating history. Currently she is married.

Leah Darrow relationships if you are interested in Leah Darrow partners

Is there any Leah Darrow husband?

From the available information, we have established that Leah Darrow’s husband is a soldier and serves in the US Army Green Beret division. Leah and her husband have six children.

Leah Darrow bio

Details such as Leah Darrow measurements

Leah Darrow measurements are a result of her hard work and good genes. So what are they? Her measurements are 35-24-36.

Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight120 lbs (54 kg)
Bra size34B
Cup sizeB
Overall body measurements35-24-36
Breast size35 in
Waist24 in
Hips36 in
Shoe size9 (US)
Dress size6 (US)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Want to know Leah Darrow height?

How tall is Leah Darrow? Leah Darrow height is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm).

Interested in Leah Darrow weight?

Time to write something about Leah Darrow weight! Leah Darrow weight is 120 lbs (54 kg).

Breast details and Leah Darrow bra size

And now it’s the time to write something more about Leah Darrow breasts. Leah Darrow bra size is 34B, her breast is natural.

Leah Darrow measurements

Estimated Leah Darrow net worth

Is it possible to estimate or determine real Leah Darrow net worth? Taking into account all her finances and properties, Leah Darrow net worth is about $ 1 million.

Interesting Leah Darrow life facts

Leah Darrow life facts and curiosities – check some surprising details of her!

  1. Leah Darrow is active in social media.
  2. She graduated in theology.
  3. Leah runs her own spiritual university.

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